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Sunnai Wine Cooler
Posted bySunnai Electrical Appliance Updated2012.12.21

We found a few dozen reviews for the SW-38 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler.

Customers like the ease of set up and installation. They claimed it was one of the easier wine coolers theyve had to set up and it was quite easy to maintain a desired temperature for each wine/spirit to be stored.

Another customer claimed there was almost no noise emanating from the wine cooler. It was the quietest wine cooler she had ever tried. It also was very effective at producing the perfect environment for storage.

It also didnt take much time at all for the Sunnai Dual Temperature Wine Cooler to reach the desired temperature. Very nice for those switching their bottles from a dying wine cooler to this new one without messing up the temperature base for the wine.

Since it is based on Sliding shelf, and many customer are thinking it is very convenience to use such as shelf design.Real it is perfect.

Another poster stated the Sunnai Dual Temperature Wine Cooler do accommodated Champagne bottles very well. Since the unit could be for champagne, it  get super-cold which is ideal for Champagne.

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